Saturday, April 4, 2009


I love this cone flower picture. I took it last year and it is my desktop background. This lovely flower resides at my parent's house, very close to their front door. Last year on Mother's Day it was blooming - far too early for that business - May is known to be rather chilly here in recent years. But bloom it did and bloomed all summer as well.
One of the reasons I love this flower is because it reminds me of my Mom. Looks can be deceiving. Although they may look so very fragile, flowers are survivors. Strong ~ even in the strangest of climates; resilient after pounding storms; lovely to the eye. Volumes of poetry, sketches, rhymes and paintings have been devoted to flowers. I could probably write volumes about my Mom.

January 10, 2008 Mom was diagnosed officially with breast cancer. I never knew that there could be so many types of breast cancer - and then we were also informed she had CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia).

I don't know how God answers prayers. I just know that He does. I don't think that the Father sits on His throne and thinks, well, that's a loser prayer, try again. Nope. I firmly believe that when He says that every hair on our head is numbered, that's the truth. And that if He knows when a sparrow falls, that He cares for each one of us individually.

Prayers from all over the world - thank you my online friends - have been offered up on behalf of my Mom. Her church family has kept their faithful prayers continually as well. I have lost three friends in the past two weeks. One was younger than I, one was older and the other was the same age as myself. My mom is older by far than these three. That somehow doesn't seem right that these much younger folks should leave this world before my Mom, who has been walking after the Spirit of the Lord for 58 years. I don't know how God answers prayers. He doesn't have favorites. When it comes to life and death prayers, how are we to pray? In the past 15 months I have prayed, Lord your will be done. I believe I will have a peace about the folks when it is their time to go.

Now for every good thing there is always something rotten. You know the law of physics - for every action there is a reaction. Just as surely as the Lord wants to bless us with a long and healthy life, the enemy of our soul, the devil, wants to rob us of it. I would encourage each one during their personal prayer time to ask the Lord to give you wisdom - we are told not go to bed angry, thereby giving the devil opportunity. The battle is always in the mind of the believer. It was that way with Adam and Eve - Did God really say . . . dear ones, don't give the enemy any place in your lives ~ through doubt, unbelief and fear. When you pray, do as the word says - stand believing and forgiving those you have ought against. I think you will find that forgiveness is a big deal with me. Because dear ones, we as Christians experience God's fullest forgiveness when we meet Christ at the Cross. Forgiveness is the natural enemy of the devil. He doesn't understand it, therefore, he hates it and wants to rob each of us of the blessing we receive by casting aside hurts and embracing mercy.

Okay, don't know exactly how that got in there but I guess what I really wanted to get out is that prayer is powerful. It not only moves the Lord, it changes us.

Lord, I thank you for Who You are and What You are - Almighty God, Creator of heaven and earth. I thank you for what You've done and will do. I thank You that you are a constant in my ever changing life. Father, I ask that You draw me closer to You each time that I pray. I long to be in your presence, lapping up the true milk of love, mercy, kindness and grace. Right this moment Lord, there are those who are hurting because someone they love has passed from this earth. They don't understand why. They only know that they are hurt, lonesome and vulnerable. I ask that You meet their needs exactly where they are at. We are still imperfect in these bodies, Father and that means that our minds can't fathom all the true goodness waiting for us. We also don't understand why you allow some to remain for a time and others are a mere whisk of air on this earth. I trust you Father. I place myself in your hands and say, Have your own way. Use me to bless those in Your name who need prayer, a touch of kindness, an ear to listen and a heart that will weep with them and dance in rejoicing.
You are the most High and Holy God. You are worthy of praise. I love you Lord.


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