Friday, April 17, 2009

A grateful heart

I have a grateful heart this morning for answered prayers. My sister in law had radical surgery yesterday to remove cervical cancer. The doctors are confident that they removed it all. The surgery took just under 7 hours. It was quite an extensive surgery and she is resting well.

I am also grateful to be visited by numerous hummingbirds already, along with my usual array of lovely wild birds at the feeders.

Thank you Lord for reminding me that while you created and cared for the birds of the air, you care much more for me and mine. I trust my loved ones in your capable and safe hands this day. Thank you for giving your angels charge concerning us, to keep us from falling. Touch those today who are hurting, searching, trying to find something to fill the emptiness that tries to swallow them up. Thank you for all your promises that are yea and amen in Christ.

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  1. I like have a kind heart and a love that shows, for all what God has made.