Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Okay to cry

It's okay to cry. That is what I keep telling myself. Tears are cleansing, the Lord collects our tears and keeps them for ?????? Obviously, they are important, otherwise, why would He keep them.
I am not ashamed of my tears. But I am sometimes taken by surprise by them. Like, for instance, looking at some family pictures. They can really make me weep. It's not as if the folks are dead, but, they are dead to me, right now. Which makes me hurt so very deeply that it is worse than a death I think. I think it must be the way the prodigal son's daddy felt all those years his own son was gone? A loved one, so cherished, separated from such deep love and for what good reason? Sin does that. It separates us not only from God but from our dearest ones because they know that they have built a wall around them, separating them from the truth. It is almost as if that as long as the wall is there, nothing can reach them.

Oh well, I can't write anymore at this time. My eyes are full and overflowing.

Thank you Lord that you have given me the ability to release my sorrows, joys, hopes and fears through the miracle of tears. Let my eyes really open to see clearly through freshly washed eyes the answer to my hopes, prayers, dreams for those of mine who I pray for without ceasing. Father, touch the stoney heart and replace it with a heart of flesh.


  1. This was soo touching. Those who are dead to me right now, that is a worse thing I think being out of relationship when there is still time to have one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can relate to every word here but would also share that standing in faith for those nearest and dearest has built faith in me like nothing else could.

    I have to continue to believe against all appearances.